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Open Internet Transparency Disclosure

The following disclosure describes the network practices, performance characteristics and commercial terms for Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative and its subsidiaries pursuant to the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet Transparency requirements.


Network Management Practices

I. Congestion Management and Application‐Specific Behavior

Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative does not block, throttle, shape, limit, prioritize, or control individual internet usage except in cases of abuse mitigation. Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative adheres to guidelines set forth by Congress and the FCC for network openness and interconnection. All Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative consumers are able to access the lawful internet content of their choice under nondiscriminatory provisions. Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative does not use traffic shaping equipment except in cases of abuse mitigation. No traffic shaping equipment is used to discriminate against nor preclude any legal use of other provider equipment or services.

II.  Device Attachment Rules

Any standard computer or internet access device is permitted to the extent it does not cause a degradation of internet traffic within the network or to others. Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative reserves the right to set additional standards and rules as warranted.

III. Security

Security measures that would monitor end-user real-time usage have not been adopted. It is the responsibility of the end user to monitor their usage and adopt safe practices that they deem necessary to protect any unauthorized access to their personal files and information. Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative does employ internal security measures to monitor aggregate internet usage to avoid a degradation of its IP network and performance. In order to protect our customers, Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative may block ports that are known to be used for DDOS/DOS, virus and other malicious activities, or to steal a user’s information. We also block e‐mails deemed to be SPAM or that are detected to contain a virus or other malicious code both into and out of our network.


Performance Characteristics

I. Service Description

Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative Internet service is provided as a “best effort” service, and we have provisioned your service to meet the maximum speeds as advertised. However, internet usage can be affected by many variables across multiple networks, and the usage that customers experience may be lower than the maximum speed it is provisioned for.

Speeds listed are “up to” a specific level based on the service to which a customer subscribes. The actual speed that a customer will experience while using the internet depends upon a variety of conditions, many of which are beyond the control of an internet service provider such as Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative. These conditions include but are not limited to:

· Performance of a customer’s computer, including its age, processing capability, its operating system,

the number of applications running simultaneously, and the presence of any malicious software such as but not limited to malware and viruses

· Type of connection between a customer’s computer and modem. For example, wireless connections may be slower than direct connections into a router or modem. Wireless connections also may be subject to greater fluctuations and interference

· The distance packets travel between a customer’s computer and its final destination on the Internet, including the number and quality of the networks of various operators in the transmission

· Congestion or high usage levels at the website or destination. If a large number of visitors are accessing a site or particular destination at the same time, your connection will be affected if the site or destination does not have sufficient capacity to serve all of the visitors.

II.  Impact of Specialized Services

Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative does offer specialized services such as VOIP and IPTV. Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative’s IPTV is provided over the same broadband connection as the high‐speed internet connection. We set Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative’s IPTV streams with a higher priority than best effort internet traffic within the core and last mile connection to maintain a consistent and high-quality video service. We do not change the priority of any other Internet-based service either negatively or positively.

Commercial Terms

I. Pricing

Individual Internet data service pricing is listed in the “Broadband” section of Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative’s website. A one‐time $13.00 membership fee is required to initiate new service for Cooperative customers and Telephone service is required to subscribe to Internet service. In some cases, a security deposit for new service may also be required. There is a $55.00 installation fee for Internet service.

A modem is required for Internet service using ADSL technology on Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative’s copper plant. Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative provides a modem, at no additional cost, to all ADSL customers or the customer may provide their own modem.

A router is required for Internet service using Fiber to the Home, FTTH. A customer can provide their own router or rent one from Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative.

II. Privacy Policies
Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative does not share any internet usage information with any outside agency, including copyright holders or their agents as relates to the DMCA, or for other law enforcement or national security needs; unless requested by court subpoena or other lawful means.

III. Redress Options

You may call Customer Service or our Customer Response Center at (423) 447-2121 if you have any questions or difficulties with your Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative service.