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Do’s + Don’ts to Protect Yourself from Illegal Robocalls

America’s broadband providers are committed to protecting consumers from illegal robocalls. While there is no easy solution to combatting illegal robocalls, there are clear DO’S and DON’TS you can follow to protect yourself.

Did You Know: In 2020, the FCC fined a telemarketer $225 million for transmitting approximately 1 billion robocalls


  • DO take advantage of call blocking and labeling services provided by your service provider
  • DO register with the FTC’s Do-Not-Call list and file complaints
  • DO reach out to your state’s public service commission or consumer protection office to see if your state has a do not call list and how to register your number or numbers
  • DO contact your bank or utility using the phone number on their website if you receive a robocall asking for confidential information
  • DO check out the FCC’s website that provides robocall blocking resources
  • DO educate yourself about common scams


  • DON’T answer calls from an unfamiliar number or are labeled as spam
  • DON’T call back a number left of a voicemail unless it is the same number found on their website
  • DON’T push any buttons especially if the caller instructs you to do so
  • DON’T engage with the robocaller making the call
  • DON’T ever share personal and financial information
  • DON’T ever pay for anything over the phone with things like gift cards


Information provided by USTelecom to help you stay safe and lessen the number of robocalls received.