DO put your number on the Do Not Call List.
National: 1-888-382-1222
Tennessee: 1-877-872-7030

ALWAYS be careful of callers who want to update your information, promise you lower interest rates, or offer tech support for your computer.

DO register for scam alerts and other information at

ALWAYS check out a charity or any company you donate to, and make sure to call the number directly.

DO file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission by:

  1. Visiting
  2. Click the “Unwanted Telemarketing, Texts, or SPAM” tab
  3. Begin filing your complaint and answer the questions accordingly.


NEVER give out personal information to calls you receive — such as banking information, social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc.

DO NOT say anything or press any buttons if asked to.

DO NOT trust Caller ID — Companies can now make the Caller ID show whatever they want it to say. (They can even make the number the same area code as yours.)

NEVER be rushed into action, always verify the company that is calling.

NEVER get a prepaid credit card or transfer money if you don’t know the caller.

DO NOT believe you have won a prize or a contest if you have not entered to win. People will try to tell you to pay to receive the money.

DO NOT trust the caller if they say they are the IRS and they demand money or if they threaten you.