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Local resident Margaret Ladd lives in the Griffith Community and works at Citizen’s Tri-County Bank in Pikeville. Having raised three children, now enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren and was inspired to write a children’s book for them. Her first book entitled “The Little Red Gobbleump” is about making friends, new adventures and not being afraid. The book has a character named “Black Hawk” who seems frightening at first but as it turns out he is more than a scary dark figure. Your children will find this little book fun and enjoyable! 

page_01This really is a delightful short story that children will love to read again and again. The vibrant illustrations are captivating to small eyes. The book’s illustrations were created by Margaret’s son Anthony who is the owner of the design business Kneelindesign. He too lives in Bledsoe County in the MT Crest Community.

Visit the Little Red Gobbleump’s website and social media networks to view ” image shorts” that are created about more adventures of LRG outside the realms of the book. The “Little Red gobbleump book can be purchased online in both printed and digital versions.


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