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Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative (BTC) has made major changes to its network to provide Internet redundancy between our Dunlap and Pikeville offices. BTC has added a second core router in our Pikeville office to help keep Internet service operational in the event of a major issue with the Dunlap router. BTC realizes the Internet is relied upon by all of its subscribers for either work, school, or entertainment. We knew if something happened to the Dunlap router our customers could not wait one to two days to have a replacement shipped in, so the BTC Board approved a second core router in the Pikeville office. BTC currently has three 10 Gig Internet connections to the outside world and one of these 10 Gigs is connected to the new Pikeville router. Your traffic may flow through this Pikeville router to get to the outside world today.

BTC also made another change to its network by switching a lot of our customers to Carrier Grade NAT (CGN). NAT stands for Network Address Translation and is used by all routers in a home or business. It’s been around a long time. In the news recently, they have been talking about Public IPV4 addresses running out and the world switching to Public IPV6 addresses to handle the shortages. This is the reason we made the switch to CGN. The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the United States have been slowly changing over to IPV6 addresses, so until all the ISPs in the United States change over to IPV6 a temporary fix using CGN is used. What does this mean for you the customer? Nothing really, other than instead of getting a public IPV4 address, you are getting a private IP address. Websites, gaming and most everything else works just like it did before anyone got switched to CGN. The only customers that are affected are the ones that view their security cameras or anything requiring a public IP to get back into your home or business network from outside. BTC will be glad to switch any customer back to a public IP if they need one to get back to their security camera system or home network from the outside world. Note, new security camera systems that use cloud servers will not be affected by CGN addressing. If CGN has caused you any issues, we apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you contact our office at 447-6815.

During this switch over to the new router and CGN, we took a brief but noticeable outage that affected Internet traffic on Thursday, May 25th for about 30 minutes. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, but please understand when changes are made to improve our network there are unforeseen issues that must be resolved. We make every effort to keep Internet service up and working and we only do scheduled maintenance work in the very early morning hours.

We know a lot of people want to know when we are doing maintenance work, changing, or upgrading our network. We are working on implementing a system that will pop up a window on your computer or device to let you know something is being done to the network. We are looking to implement this system in the fall of this year. We also have a lot of new and exciting features we are rolling out to help make your Internet service better, like DDOS protection and parental controls. We truly are Building The Best Network in The World, Right Here in the Sequatchie Valley!