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Don’t fooled by SCAMS!!!


Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative
If you receive a phone call or get a notice online that seems to represent Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative and is asking for your credit card information or telling you that you have a virus on your computer and they can help you remove it… 

DO NOT give out your information over the phone or online.
DO NOT click on anything in the fake page and close out the browser.
Once you have closed your browser you should clear the internet cache.

BTC will never ask you to go to a website and type in your username or password.
BTC will never contact you and ask for money concerning virus protect or cleaning.


Examples of what people are seeing online that are FAKE representations of BTC.

scam_01 Attachment-1


If you receive a phone call from someone posing as a representative of Microsoft and claiming that you have a virus on your computer or that there are Google errors coming from your IP address/computer. They will try to lead you thru steps that will place a virus on your computer and/or they will charge you for removal. Microsoft will never call you for this type issue.

DO NOT fall victim to this scam.