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Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative was formed in 1953 to provide telephone service. It now provides service to approximately 10,000 access lines in all of Bledsoe and Sequatchie Counties and portions of Van Buren,Cumberland and Hamilton Counties. Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative covers an 804 square mile service area. 

In early 1980 the cooperative began providing cable television service and served over 4000 customers within its telephone service area. In 1994 the small 18″ Direct Broadcast Satellite service was introduced by BTC to reach its entire service area. BTC followed up in 1995 with an Internet service offering.  By 2006, the cooperative launched Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), which has virtually replaced the original analog cable television system.

As a full service telecommunication provider the cooperative also provides calling features, long distances services and other ancillary services,all over its fiber and copper cable network. Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative is proud of the fact that it has 100% coverage of its service area and no portion of its area is considered unserved for broadband and phone services.  Even with 100% of its 804 square mile area having access to a minimum of 10 Meg download speed with unlimited data usage, phone service and IPTV service; Bledsoe continues to move into the future. BTC is currently upgrading its network to support download broadband speeds of 1 Gigabit.

Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative

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