Due to what we believe was a direct lightning strike to our Dunlap Office. The backup generator did not start when the power was knocked out last night. This led into a cascading event of major switches and routers starting to fail. We have been able to restore many of our customer’s services by moving them to equipment that did not fail. Tonight at 7:00pm we are going to perform a partial shutdown of the network feeding Dunlap, Cagle, Fredonia, Lewis Chapel, and Cartwright areas to restore the rest of the equipment. This will effect telephone, IPTV, and broadband services. We expect this to take up to 2 hours for all these areas to come back on. This will cause many of the customers that are working to go back out at this time. We will be making update posts after 7:00pm as we make progress. Your patience and cooperation is always appreciated.


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