7 things to consider before mounting your TV

Thinking about mounting your TV to the wall? Here's a couple of things to know before you do so! http://cnet.co/2mnxFHb 7 things to consider before mounting your TVDon't mount your flat-screen to the wall without answering all of these important questions....

Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative | IP TV

#BledsoeIPTV: Check out our channel packages and listings on our newly updated website! http://bledsoe.net/ip-tv/Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative | IP TVIP TV BTC Digital Television Services IP TV Packages Lifeline $20.95 All local affiliates plus WGN, Home...

Here’s How To Use Instagram’s New Slideshow Feature

#BTCBroadband: Check out how to use Instagram's latest feature here! You can now add 10 photos into a single post! http://r29.co/2mxLkf9 Here's How To Use Instagram's New Slideshow FeatureHere's everything you need to know to curate an album on Instagram....




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